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Memory-Augmented Neural Networks

The MANN machine is down

I regret to announce to whomever reads this, even if it’s only to the bots who spam the comment section, that I will no longer study memory-augmented neural networks during my PhD. I’m in the process of putting together a new cool project, combining computer vision, machine learning, crytography and information theory. Maybe you will …

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A Formal Definition of Algorithmic Classification

In this post I shall define in more formal terms what I am trying to accomplish with a MANN. Formal Languages In formal language theory, decision algorithms (such as a Turing machines) will take sequences of discrete tokens as inputs, and end up either accepting it or rejecting it. We call the discrete tokens letters …

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Many MANNs

My last article presented an in depth analysis of Neural Turing Machines (NTM), which is generally thought of as the foundation of the Memory-Augmented Neural Networks research field. Other ideas have sprung since, which may ultimately be better suited for an eventual computational complexity analysis. In the following article, I will give a (somewhat short …

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How Neural Turing Machines actually relate to Turing Machines

The (plain) Turing Machine (TM) served as the basis of computer science by formalizing the concept of algorithm, or even the very concept of a computer, in the sense of a device that computes. One specific TM has a finite number of states , a discrete memory (in the form of an infinite tape with …

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Preliminary Objectives and Ideas

Let me put it clearly: although I am knowledgeable in deep learning and algorithm theory, I don’t know much about MANNs yet (by the way I’m not a big fan of acronyms, but memory-augmented neural networks is very long to write, so MANN it will be). In fact this blog will accompany me along my …

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What is « the MANN Machine »?

This page will be used as a blog, where I’ll comment my research on Memory-Augmented Neural Networks (MANN). Eventually I’d like to develop an interactive tool to help understand this field, which I will name The MANN Machine after this album: